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Thank you for visiting the STARS website! We are excited to relaunch this effort and encourage you to check back often for new information, and to help spread the word and tell your friends about STARS.

Now Accepting New Board Members!

Are you eager to enhance recreation and athletics in Stow? Want to make a difference? STARS needs you! Stow Athletic & Recreation Supporters Inc. (STARS) is a group of parents and other interested parties whose mission is to enrich our community by providing financial support for athletic and recreation programs. STARS has volunteer positions available on its board that need to be filled in order to continue its efforts.  If interested, please reach out to stowstars@gmail.com.


Stow Athletic & Recreation Supporters Inc. (STARS) is a group of parents and other interested parties whose mission is to enrich our community by providing financial support for athletic and recreation programs.

STARS was established to encourage parent participation and to raise funds to enhance and expand the athletic and recreation programs that are available in Stow.

Money is raised through memberships and fundraising activities each year.  STARS awards grants to provide “wish list” funding to area athletic and recreation programs.

All members of the Stow community are invited and encouraged to become part of our activities and to lend financial support. Here are some things we are doing now!


Detail of some of the bricks

1) Buy-a-Brick Update:

Dear Brick Purchasers – thank you again for your purchase. We know there have been some issues with the bricks, and we are trying to work through those right away. We have a new vendor coming on Monday to look at the pathway, and to advise us on the best course of action to replace the flawed bricks. Please bear with us as we focus on finding a resolution to the unfortunate issue we faced with our other vendor.

The bottom line right now is this – we are committed to providing you with the quality brick you deserve. We are hoping to do this in a timely manner and we remain focused on customer satisfaction.

Another update will be posted soon, and feel free to send your questions to us directly. We are a volunteer board, but we are doing our best to react and connect quickly.

Thank you again.

– the STARS board


2) Membership Drive:
Purchasing an annual membership is a way to support future athletic and recreation projects for you and your community. Once you purchase your membership, we’d love for you to spread the word to your friends and neighbors.


3) Requests for Funding:avll_hitter

Grant Awarded to AVLL!

STARS is pleased to announce that we have awarded the Assabet Valley Little League a grant of $3,000 toward completion of the new fencing at the “tennis court” field in Maynard. The grant fits nicely with our mission, as many Stow families are involved with AVLL, and we are happy to help provide the additional funding needed for safety and protection, both for players and spectators.

We continue to encourage all athletic and recreation organizations to apply for grants. Application forms found can be found here. These are being considered year round. If there is something your organization needs help funding, STARS can help!


4) Get involved:
We are always looking for volunteers and suggestions on how we can improve. If you have experience with graphic design, sports programs, recreation, or just want to be involved, please reach out to us!


The STARS Board



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